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Presentation of Dr. Sophie Herren and her law practice

"Resisting any simple definition, the Law has multiple faces and is inherently complex, and to attempt to grasp it, it must be approached through various paths"

Jean-Louis Thireau - Introduction historique au droit, Champs Université, Flammarion.

It is the raw material with which the lawyer, who is both a representative of the Law and a legal expert, works day after day. In my view, it is the basis of my profession, but also a passion and I try to understand it in its different forms through various approaches - exegesis, doctrinal studies, analysis of Case Law, Comparative Law - starting from the principle that a query or an opinion well argued in Law allow to better convincing.

Welcome on this website where you will find a presentation of my law practice and some practical information.

Dr Herren, lawyer in paris: her view of the lawyer’s profession

I understand the missions of a lawyer, mainly in the following terms:

  • Listening to the client, I provide a careful and tailor-made monitoring of the cases, whether they require consulting, litigation, or more simply, accompanying my clients in their dealings with the public administration or local authorities (particularly with regard to adoption, but also for building permits or in connection with the enforcement of the rules related to classified installations for environmental protection, which share a common ground: they constitute requests for authorization in view of implementing a project or carrying on an activity).
  • To provide expert and detailed reply to questions and legal issues submitted to me, I support the statements and opinions that I established on both Case Law and the appropriate doctrinal analysis, by accessing various legal databases and a library enriched by textbooks, encyclopaedias and journals. In my view, it is important to increase the chances of convincing and therefore winning the appeals.
  • Committed to the well-known principle that the lawyer "stands up for his/her client," which entails to be his/her spokesman/woman in writing and orally, I aim to treat the cases entrusted to me not only "for" the client, but "with" him/her.
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